Thursday, February 25, 2016

It feels bad to feel bad

Being in the emotion of uncomfortableness feels bad, you want to try and control what’s in your head, but there is something which drives you away from calmness and into the chaos. In that phase of time you try to look for shelter, a place where you can hide and run away from the world. But what if, when you know where the shelter is but cannot be there, as it seems farther and fear that the problem will reach before you reach.
Then you find yourself in the middle of the problem and you can see your shelter but you are not there yet. You feel frustrated, agonized and feel like quitting and giving up. Suddenly you realize that the shelter is also coming towards you, you are not alone, but the solution is walking with you, you just had to look towards it.
This gives you hope and strength to carry on and not give up and just try a little bit more, when you see someone trying for you, the best they could. 
You feel bad when things are bad and then you feel bad about feeling bad, but there is still someone in your story who knows about that moment and is ready to help, you just need to let them!

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