Sunday, April 10, 2016

Our soul needs exploration and growth

When we look at other living beings around us, we realize, as humans we have something unique about us, we all live and explore things around us as we believe we grow every day. We are intelligent, we have a sense of our existence, as we innovate every day to understand to live the way we want. We all know, we all have to die one day and that is the end, but the question is not what to do with death, but what to do with life.

You are living for a blurred purpose, which you somehow know exists or existed sometime in your life and you are not able to carry it along with you consciously, but no matter what, it is always walking with you. In the daily today we somehow lose track of the purpose, we are doing what we do and living with the guilt of not being able to do what we wanted to do. Why? What are you waiting for? It is not that easy to get some time out of the day for the thing you want to do, stepping out of your comfort zone, or to just push a little bit more, but one day you have to do it, so why to wait.

You just need to look for that purpose to explore the life you wanted to live and grow towards that purpose and sense how beautiful life can be.

We all are hungry about exploring the world around us and this hunger for exploration never ends, no matter how much we try. Just take an example of the TV series you are watching, the wait for the next episode seems long and sometimes it keeps you busy thinking about what will happen next. We are humans and we can think and we need topics to think about, the more we know the more difficult it is to stop thinking about anything, here comes the second part of the requirement, Growth. Growth help balance out the exponential urge to keep exploring, you need a break and for that, you need to feel accomplished. The growth is when a goal is achieved from one of your recent explorations. It’s in our innate nature, we look for meanings to things, we learn and we want to apply. In your life, you can do what you always wanted anytime, it’s just about getting started and consciously feeling that purpose, the reason to live for.

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