Friday, November 3, 2017

Day 3 - Less work but some thinking

The third day of the journey had a slow start, it was difficult getting started with the day. To get the day started, I read a few things before continuing work. The first task of the day was to figure out how the user input will work and to make it interactive for the user and informative for our algorithms.

After that was done, I looked for some design inspirations about the next design module. I started working on it and was able to finish one screen, it was not very polished but was able to put the idea to design. Now for the next few days goal will be to get the idea in design, making designs that are not very detailed but keep the flow. Once that is done, will come back to it and try to improve the quality of the designs. This will also help me see the full flow and iterate over it if needed.

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